New Hope For Women With Hair Loss

Transcript for New Research Alert: Hair Loss in Women
Now to new hope for those suffering from hair loss. More than 60 million Americans are affected and more than 40% are women. A new treatment that doesn’t involve surgery or drugs could bring big results. Reporter: It’s all over your TV. Tina fey, Selena Gomez all with rocking the most beautiful hair. I can love my hair. Longer. Reporter: The reality is, not everyone has such luscious hair. Women who are losing their hair are all day long thinking about the hair loss. It’s devastating to them. Reporter: That’s why many people are talking about prp, mraltlet rich plasma. The therapy promising. It starts at $400 a session. Here’s how doctors who use it explain it. First, you draw the blood. Next, a machine separates from the platelets filled with growth factors. Then those platelets are injected into the scalp to stimulate new hair growth and make the hair grow thicker. They’re injecting the scalp, you can get bruising, swelling, a little collection of blood. Reporter: After she had her son, her hair took a dramatic shift. It was very embarrassing. As I’m moving the hair around I’m like, oh, my god. Reporter: After two months of treatment, Chantel said she started to see a big change. You have beautiful hair now. Yes, do. Reporter: For having two children, it changed her hair to thin. It was getting kind of stringy looking. Reporter: After two treatments, Michelle said she got her thickness back. Reporter: For “Good morning America,” Eva pilgrim, ABC news, New York. We know men have this issue many weren’t aware that 40% of those losing their hair. Dr. Jennifer Ashton is going to take some questions. We have some great ones about hair loss. First up, Kim on Twitter, said, why am I, a 55-year-old woman, balding like a man? Same pattern. No hair at top. Feel so bad. One of the secrets about perimenopause. It has to deal with changing hormone levels. Est throw general drops. Proguest roan drops. But testosterone also drops. Where you get the male pattern symptoms. No one really talks a about this aspect of this. On Facebook a video from Ruth. Hi, Dr. Ashton, I’m thinking about getting prp, how long before you see results? It depends on whether you’re using prp to treat thinning hair or hair loss. There are three basic stages. . The first one, anagen. It lasts between two and six years. Then a stage of catagen, lasts for about two weeks. And finally, telogen this is the resting phase. When you do prp, it may take 2 to 6 weeks. I have done this. That was a six-month time period. It’s dramatic. Because of cost, some doctors charging $1500, $2000 per treatment. Didn’t know you had gone through that. Very impressive for me. This question comes from Paula on Twitter. Tons of treatments they don’t have to cost a lot of money. There are prescription medication that block the hormonal effects. Behavioral changes. Just rest your hair, don’t expose it to heat, color process. And there are good shampoos, keranique that thickens the hair. It’s all about issues. Thank you, robin. Now, another reason to celebrate, it’s wedding season. We’re kicking off something

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