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Hair restoration is part art, part science. The art is in the look of the outcome, and the skill and aesthetic of the artist is more important than the science of which brush is used on the canvas. Using a plastic surgeon with a highly-trained aesthetic eye can give a more refined, natural and personalized look than you might get in a high-volume facility. We’ve all seen persons with hair transplants done in a “less-than-aesthetic” manner.

At Milwaukee Hair Restoration our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons utilize their technical and aesthetic skills to provide each patient with the most natural result possible.

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Our physicians have specialty training in both follicular unit extraction (FUE) and microscopic  follicular unit transplantation (FUT). For many of our patients we may utilize a combination therapy method, a treatment plan that involves one or more medical treatments which enhance the results of hair restoration surgery.

New Automated FUE Hair Transplant with no linear scar.

For patient’s who prefer to keep their hair very short FUE hair transplant with no linear scar. With the AlphGraft FUE procedure there are no stitches in the donor area. The tiny circular incisions made to extract the follicular units will heal and become nearly invisible within a matter of days. The lack of a linear incision will usually allow patients to wear their hair shorter on the donor area, without the fear of having a visible linear scar.

Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have advanced training in reconstruction of the scalp including hair restoration in both post-injury and cosmetic patients. Call 800-769-0849 to schedule your consultation.